Chloe Farnellchloe

I am the owner and founder of Total Body Conditioning, which was established in 2005.
Our gym can cater for elite athletes through to the general public which allows for a greater diversity.

Our ethos at tbc is to provide a first class gym experience whilst also creating that individual feel with your own personal trainer.

I began my career the fitness industry as an instructor in some of the larger gyms and soon realised that I wanted to create a gym that was more personal, comfortable and inviting for any ability without the usual membership tie in. Total Body Conditioning was created in this vision.

Along with my commitment to the fitness I also like to get out and about on my horses, go pheasant shooting or beating and relaxing with my husband.

Premier diploma in personal training, sports massage therapy and nutrition
Studio cycling
Taping and strapping techniques
Weight management
Equine Body Worker



AJI started teaching at the age of 21 years old, when the fitness industry was a very different place from that of today. I had a passion for dancing all my life and similarly aerobics/fitness. It was this combination, of dance and workout orientated classes, which were to be the foundation and inspiration of my freestyle teaching. I teach a blend of Lyengar and Ashtanga yoga. I link together asanas to form a flow of movements which I can easily modify to suit all abilities.





Amanda Brooks

Health Kinesiology™Amanda

HK is a comprehensive therapy that uses muscle testing to identify, locate and remove blocks within our energy system that stop us from moving forward on our chosen path in life. With each decision in our day the choices move us onto our next step, but due to everyday stress, illness, shocks (minor or major) our body can forget to file our everyday experiences correctly. Then next time we come across a similar experience our body checks what happened last time and can either build upon a good experience or a bad one!

This sounds very simple and in truth it is that simple, that is why we sometimes don’t have an answer for why we feel down, unwell or just not motivated.



Susanne Perks


As a former international gymnast Susanne got introduced to Pilates exercises as part of her injury rehabilitation at an early age. Although she spent the last 20 years in corporate roles, spending hours sitting in meetings and at the desk Susanne always stayed physically active.

Now having given up office work she fully focuses on sharing her passion and experience how correct physical exercise can enhance your quality of life.

Susanne’s Pilates mat work classes are limited to a maximum of 12 people. “This way I can keep an eye on the clients and ensure that the correct movement pattern gets established.”

“I also offer private 1:1 sessions and small groups to cater for the individual’s needs such as lower back pain. Group Classes are being held at TBC in Milton, 1:1 and small groups can be arranged individually, e.g at your workplace, home or private studio.”

As Body Control qualified Pilates teacher Susanne regularly keeps updating her skill set. She also is a Reps registered certified personal trainer and fitness instructor.

Please contact mobile 07710 847848 or email: for further information.



Caroline Hunt


I’m a Pilates Instructor (Modern Pilates CYQ Level 3). I trained in 2011 having attended Pilates classes for four years. I came to Pilates myself via physiotherapy due to problems I experienced in pregnancy. So from my own experience I’m a firm believer in the rehabilitative qualities of Pilates, bringing increased stability, mobility and strength back to the body.

My background is as a scientist working in public health research in the UK and overseas for many years. Because of this, I’m interested in the evidence around exercise and health, as well as being a hands-on instructor. I’m a keen squash player and through this I see that Pilates also has a role in enhancing sporting performance through fitness training around core stability, motor skills, coordination and balance, amongst other benefits.

The classes I teach are small (ten people maximum). This means that every client gets individual attention each time. My classes are designed to be safe and effective as well as being fresh, interesting and varied. I also offer 1:1 Pilates sessions.

Please contact mobile 077588 14578 or email: for further information.


Richard Rees Bsc, REPS

Thai Boxing Coach and Personal Trainer richard

Hi my name is Richard Rees and I am a fitness expert who has more than 9 years experience in training and competing in Thai boxing. Thai Boxing is known as the “Art of 8 Limbs” and incorporates the use of kicks, knees, elbows and punches for a total body workout. You don’t need to be fighter or have experience of martial arts, within 6 weeks I will have you fitter, leaner, stronger, balanced and more coordinated then you will have ever been in your life! As well as being a Thai Boxing coach I also specialise in personal training and nutrition and hold a First Class Honours Degree in Sport and Exercise Science Bsc. I am fully insured and also a full member (R0082567) of the Register of Exercise Professionals.

Other areas of training I work in include:

·         TRX Suspension Training 

·         VIPR (Vitality, Performance and Reconditioning)

·         Strength and Conditioning

·         High Intensity Interval Training

·         Nutrition

·         Movement Assessment

Please contact mobile: 07795 160687 or email: for further information.



Claudine Martin

Nutritional therapist and Reiki therapistclaudine

After many years as an antenatal teacher, Claudine pursued a diploma in nutritional therapy achieving a distinction from the School of Modern Naturopathy founded by Linda Lazarides, one of the most recognised British naturopathic nutritionists.
By evaluating your diet and lifestyle through an in-depth questionnaire and first consultation Claudine can assess your symptoms and offer appropriate advice on your diet, lifestyle and other factors affecting your health. She will be able to explain how your illness may have started and offer you simple ways to make inherent changes in your health and well-being.Claudine has also been practicing Reiki since 2007. Reiki treatments are both relaxing and energising for both the practitioner and the client and will leave you feeling refreshed. The energy will flow to the area of your body where it is most needed and will address any emotional, physical, mental or spiritual needs in the process.
She is a fully insured and licensed practitioner (Balens) and is registered with FNTP (Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners).


Enjoy Fitness Oxon

I started dancing from the age of 2 then moved on to gymnastics and many other sports throughout my school and college years. I have been interested in exercise and getting people motivated all my life. I worked through college and gained Distinctions in Sports and Leisure Management courses. I started my hands on experience through coaching at school and then moving on to working for a large leisure chain for 10 years, working through their fitness instruction programme.  I became fitness manager for a local Oxfordshire gym and ran sites regionally, across the midlands and Norfolk. My passion is health & fitness and encouraging everyone to enjoy exercise from childhood through to retirement and on-wards.  Exercise is part of our lifestyle and we can gain so much from regular exercise each week.

Please contact mobile: 07833 297962 or email: for further information.



Nicole Parsons

Nicole Parsons Presentations

I come from a line of crazy South Africans. My Granddad is in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the oldest person to do the highest bungee jump at the age of 96!
Being born and brought up in the UK my parents got me off to a good start. They encouraged my sister and I to try a wide variety of sports, to see which we enjoyed the most. After having a go at gymnastics, swimming, athletics, canoeing, trampolining, dancing, horse riding and badminton I chose the athletics route and competed up to national level in 1500m, Cross Country and Race Walking, winning the English Schools, Nationals and AAA Championships in Race Walking age sixteen.I have always had a fascination with the human body and I knew that I wanted to work with sports people. A degree in Sport Rehabilitation and Sport Science Degree soon followed. I graduated in 1998 and got straight out to work. Knowing that I wanted to treat my clients holistically led me to explore the inextricable link between the body, the mind and nutrition. The tools I added to my box along the way were a Functional Biomechanics Diploma, Sports Massage, Kinesiology, Reiki, NLP, ITEC in Nutrition and Raw Food Chefing.In 2003 I was working with a forward thinking Osteopath who introduced me to Egoscue. At university I had fallen into sporadic training and had started to suffer knee pain. After my first Egoscue session I felt an immediate improvement in my symptoms and change in my body. However what struck me most was the overwhelming feeling that there was an inherent simplicity and basic truth in this method. I decided to become an Egoscue Therapist. As soon as I started to apply this approach with my clients their results and their adherence improved quite radically.Practically no one in the UK knew what Egoscue was, so education was the key. I wanted to get the message out there so I started delivering talks wherever I could and built a busy thriving practice getting my clients out of pain.

Please contact mobile: 07951 697577 or email: for further information.



Pollyanna FitzGerald

Sport & Remedial Therapistpollyanna

Pollyanna is a sport & remedial massage therapist with a wealth of experience in a number of sports from cycling, rowing, rugby, hockey, ice hockey and riding.  Pollyanna works with elite athletes and non-athletes to help improve performance or just make everyday living better by reducing aches and pains including headaches. 

Pollyanna also holds a degree in Sport Coaching & Sport Science, a Msc in Sports Coaching and another Bsc in Psychology.  To further her understanding and ability to help athletes Pollyanna is currently studying an Msc in Sport Therapy. 

Pollyanna can often be found playing ice hockey or riding a bike off or on road.

Please contact mobile: 07988 899427 or email: for further information.




Suzanne Benton-Bryan

sue copyBW

I teach Kettlebell classes at Total Body Conditioning 4 sessions per week. I have been sport ordinated all my life and have over 25 years leisure industry experience. It all started with dancing from the age of 2 then moved on to gymnastics, and many other sports throughout my school and college years. I have been interested in exercise and getting people motivated all my life. I started, hands on experience through coaching at school and then moving on to work for a large leisure chain for 10 years, working through their fitness instruction programme.  I became fitness manager for a local Oxfordshire gym and ran sites regionally, across the Midlands and Norfolk. My passion is health & fitness and encouraging everyone to enjoy exercise from childhood through to retirement and onwards.  Exercise is part of our lifestyle and we can gain so much from regular exercise each week.

Come along and try your 1st Kettlebell class for Free*

*1st time new class attendees only


  • Degree in Sports & Leisure Management
  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor Qualification
  • Exercise & Nutrition certificate
  • Registered REPS professional




Total Body Conditioning is in the grounds of Millbrook House which has been in the Glazebrook family since 1963. Millbrook House is a grade II listed property. Part of the main house is thought to date back to the 16th century with many 18th, 19th and 20th century alterations. There is a brick on the back of the house dated 1791. It was once a


farmhouse with racing stables. It used to be called The Firs, possibly because of the tall fir trees on the south side of the front garden. It was certainly still called The Firs in the 1920s but why the name was changed, and when, is unknown. From 1954 until 2003 it was a boys’ boarding school.Since closing the school in 2003 many changes have taken place. Millbrook House itself has become a family home. The classrooms and staff accommodation behind the house have been converted to flats and let to tenants. The school gym is now Total Body Conditioning. The Citadine Apartments were dormitories, classrooms and staff accommodation. The alterations to convert the building to the seven apartments were completed in June 2007. Three more apartments are planned in the near future.

Within the grounds of Millbrook House we also have nine one and two bedroom flats which are let on assured shorthold agreements.